The Onice revolutionary technology

Onice, innovative electric radiatorOnice is an innovative electric radiator, built in Italy with a revolutionary technology and with an exclusive worldwide patent by the SIRA GROUP. Onice is made entirely of aluminum. The technical principal consists of the insertion of a special electrical resistance in reinforced steel, one for each radiator element, directly in the mould.

High pressure aluminum die casting shapes the radiator around the electrical resistance, thus becoming the nucleus and an integral part of the radiator itself. As a consequence, Onice is different from all other electric radiators, functioning without internal oils or fluids.

This technology brings a series of prerogatives and advantages:

  • High performance with absolutely no maintenance necessary.
  • Complete absence of fluid leakage, noise or excess pressure in the radiator.
  • Optimization of energy consumption and decreased energy bills thanks to the modular activation of the electrical resistances.
  • Heat is distributed uniformly in every part of the radiator.
  • Inalterable over time thanks to the exclusive finishing process on aluminum of the SIRA GROUP that makes it immune to the processes of oxidation and aging.
  • Extreme ease of installation, even on non-load bearing walls, thanks to its structure, entirely in aluminum, light and easily handled.